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What is sandblasting /abrasive blasting?

Sandblasting / Abrasive blasting leverages the abrasive properties of many materials to create smoother surfaces with fewer physical imperfections and flaws. Sandpaper, for example, contains many individual particles of abrasive grit. When rubbed against a surface, the grit removes some of the top-layer material, thereby creating a smoother texture. Sandblasting works the same way except it involves the use of highly pressurized abrasive materials.

Our mobile equipment is fully self-contained and state of the art abrasive blasting equipment. We use a variety of abrasive materials, Green Diamond, Aluminum Oxide, Black Beauty, Corn Cob Grit, Glass Beads, Walnut shells, Crushed glass, Steel Shot and White Aluminum Oxide depending on the surfaces being blasted.  These are some of the most effective and affordable abrasive materials.  Other abrasives are equally viable alternatives depending upon the surface preparation or architectural finish desired.

Blasting Services include blasting of interior, exterior, concrete, wood, steel tanks, paint/stucco removal (curb/striping/building), light, medium or heavy architectural finishes on concrete or wood for residential, commercial, industrial and public works.  

Creates an anchor pattern for powder coating and paint 

An anchor pattern refers to the microscopic peaks and valleys in the service of the metal after blasting. This “roughness” helps powder and / or paint adhere to the metal better. Sanding and grinding create an inferior anchor pattern, or none at all.

Environmentally Friendly

The Sandblasting Shop’s system also allows for water to be used as an additional force along with the abrasive material.  This limits the travel of the abrasives and paint particles and grounds them therefore limiting air pollution and makes it easy to contain and dispose of it. 

Safety first, No site shutdown and efficient.

The water in our system suppresses dust, sparks, and static electricity, making it far safer than traditional dry blasting. Our blasting in most cases will not affect your day to day operations. The ability to perform industrial maintenance fast and efficiently without having to shut down site operations is invaluable.

We will arrive onsite and quickly remove paint, primer, surface coatings, rust, grease, and any other surface coatings that are needed. No pre-washing required

No matter what substrate or coating, you can get it removed quicker by just calling us on 972-357-7337Call us or stop by today and let us help you start your next project.